Winter Safety Tips From Our Drivers

Mobile Exhibit Vehicle disabled on the side of the roadAsk any trucker what concerns him or her more than anything on the road and the answer won't be fuel prices, regulations or competition. It will be: weather—and other drivers.

Select 1 Group drivers receive comprehensive, ongoing safety training. It makes sense that anyone who transports specialty vehicles, mobile exhibits and all the other logistics services we provide should be among the safest drivers you'll encounter – in any weather. Here are some ways you can drive just as safely as we do.

Six Winter Safety Tips From Our Drivers

  • Know how to control a skid by steering into the skid and using brakes only lightly—Select 1 Group's drivers benefit from hours of special skid pad training so they can handle your transport logistics in any weather;
  • When you pass an 18-wheeler, especially in bad weather, be sure you see both the truck's headlights in your mirror before you return to the driving lane;
  • Never drive for an extended period next to an 18-wheeler – wind turbulence can be a serious problem, road debris can be thrown up that could endanger your vehicle and you don't want to be alongside a big truck if it blows a tire;
  • Get out of the left lane – not much is more annoying than drivers who "park it" in the passing lane and won't move, especially with wet roads or reduced visibility;
  • Give yourself and the vehicles near you plenty of room to brake – can you imagine how tough it is to stop an 80,000 pound tractor-trailer rig in wet or icy conditions?
  • Remember: tailgating won't get you there any faster—it's among the most dangerous bad weather driving behaviors.

From Select 1 Group's professional drivers to you: happy—and safe—holidays!