At Select 1 Group we drive heavy trucks for a living. It’s our passion, actually. That’s why we are a premier hauler of specialty vehicles and a renowned provider of custom mobile exhibits and logistics. An important tool of our trade is the rubber we ride on. We rely on safe tires and spend a lot of time making sure they stay that way. Which means that when the driver of a heavy truck talks offers tips about your tires, they’re worth listening to. In fact, did you know that your tires are sending you messages all the time? If you listen – and you should – they’ll tell you a lot that will keep you safe. Many vehicles now feature warning devices if tire pressure or other issues are present. Those are convenient but they don’t replace your own eyes and ears.

Your tires could be sending a number of messages.

I’m not getting enough to eat. Obviously, your tires need to be properly inflated. But how often do you really check to make sure they are? Simple visual checks are fine but they can’t always tell you the real story. A tire tech will get down and inspect the outside and inside tread on each tire. If there’s a pattern of uneven wear, it could be that your tires are under-inflated. It’s a simple check that could save hundreds in replacement costs.

Don’t you ever listen to me? How many times do you drive with the windows down and the radio and other inside sounds completely off? Never? If so, you’re part of a big group. From time to time, though, it’s really good to take even a short drive with the inside of the car quiet and the windows open. You may be surprised at what you hear coming from your car, especially your tires. What’s that tick-tick-tick? Likely it’s something in your treads that needs to be looked at. It might be as innocent as a piece of gravel. Or it could be the head of a construction nail that’s slowly draining your air and ruining your tire. These problems are easy to locate but only if you take the time to listen.

Hey, I don’t even KNOW these guys!  Tires are not a mix-and-match proposition. You may well have more than one brand on your vehicle but having multiple types of tire is a poor idea. If you want radials, install all radials. Same with bias ply or any other types of tire. Mismatched tire types don’t play well together.

Wish I could wear shades! Sunlight and UV rays don’t mix well with rubber. That’s why it’s smart to check tires regularly for any heat-related damage. Ozone is another major accelerator of tire wear. Truckers replace tires more often in hot, sunny climates that in cooler areas. You should, too.

Everything rides on us. Some years ago, a major tire manufacturer used this phrase in its TV commercials: “The brakes stop the wheels but the tires stop the car”. Keep and eye – and an ear – on your rubber to drive more safely and save money on repairs.