Spring Training


Baseball’s annual rite of spring, Spring Training, is under way at ballparks in Arizona’s Cactus League and Florida’s Grapefruit League. From now until the first umpire shouts “Play Ball” in April, players from the rookie leagues to The Show work on skills, fitness and teamwork to prepare for the long grind of baseball’s regular season.

What they do away from the ballparks is helped in part by specialty vehicle transportation companies like Select 1 Group (S1G). For several seasons, S1G’s fleet of custom-designed specialty vehicle trailers and trained drivers have brought players, coaches and management vehicles  from home cities across North America to the teams’ springtime venues. Vehicle movements include luxury cars, trucks and SUVs. Each vehicle must receive the kind of kid gloves treatment its owner expects.

Beginning with the Oakland Athletics, S1G has developed an enthusiastic clientele of baseball professionals who rely on the company’s dedicated drivers and logistics personnel to move their favorite vehicles to the right places at the right times. Yes, that includes players who are traded to other teams and who must speedily relocate, often on very short notice, before the regular season even begins.

Professional athletes and their personal luxury vehicles are a vital and growing part of the services provided by firms like S1G. In a world where celebrities insist on and receive the highest levels of personal service, the knowledge that a favorite car, truck or SUV will be parked outside a spring training ballpark is a special touch that continues to be appreciated by professional athletes and team staff at all levels of the game.