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As wave after wave of bitter, snowy winter weather pounded the Midwest, business went on as usual at the open of the 2014 Chicago Auto Show. First staged in 1901,the largest auto show in North America has been held more times than any other auto exposition on the continent. This year Select 1 Group again transported dozens of specialty show vehicles to the McCormick Place show floor, assuring that the show began on time despite the inclement weather.

Select 1 Group drivers moved more than 30 vehicles from all over the country for manufacturers like Kia, Volvo, Hyundai, Mitsubishi and others. In the end it wasn’t the minus-10-degree weather along Chicago’s lakefront that raised the biggest problem – it was the nature of some of the concept cars we hauled.

“Sometimes these vehicles aren’t powered or can’t be started, which means they can’t be steered off the trucks in the normal way,” said Pat Evo, Select 1 Group Vice President/General Manager. “Because of the fob control not being programmed we couldn’t even get the special doors open on one of the cars so we had to roll it out of the transport and then steer it with its wheels. Six of us finally got it where it needed to go inside the exhibition hall.”

That kind of extra effort has made Select 1 Group one of the world’s premier specialty vehicle transport, event management and logistical solutions providers. This is the 106th edition of the Chicago Auto Show that runs through today, February 17.