Tesla Model S

Play Ball! Oakland A's Order S1G's Spring Roll!

Spring Training is an annual rite of passage for Major League Baseball players, management and team executives. So is the “kid gloves” treatment of their often high-ticket vehicles hauled by the Select 1 Group. Again this spring, S1G’s transport and logistics experts made possible the safe, efficient and hassle-free movement of cars, trucks and SUVs for Oakland Athletics players to and from the team’s Cactus League spring training venue in Arizona.

For several springs, S1G has made life easier for A’s players and team personnel by allowing the option of having their favorite rides moved to spring training and ready to drive at their convenience. Oakland is the defending American League Western Division champion and has held Spring Training for many years at Phoenix Municipal Stadium. Its players are constantly in the spotlight as fans throng to “Muni” to watch their favorite veterans and the organization’s future stars. Many of those players invest significant money in their vehicles and the A’s management recognized several years ago the value of providing dedicated professional vehicle transport services to their employees.

As 2014 Spring Training wound down a number of S1G drivers and employees worked to bring management and players and their vehicles together in the sunshine. Select 1 Group is expanding to offer similar services to other Major League Baseball teams, too. Details of future affiliations will be announced as agreements are put in place