2014 New York Auto Show


When the New York International Auto Show began in 1900, automobile were often still called “horseless carriages”. Men in top hats and derbies drove the sputtering early gasoline-powered vehicles, electrics and steam cars into the old Madison Square Garden. Ladies in long dresses and big hats watched from cane-backed chairs in the Garden’s box seat sections. Audiences marveled as some cars drove around an oval track that separated the stands from a tight “infield” display area. The weeklong event featured 66 exhibitors and 31 vehicles. Ten thousand people paid fifty cents apiece (about $12.50 in today’s money) to gawk at the newfangled contraptions. There were obstacle an braking contests as well as demonstrations of “how the experienced chauffeur gets out of trouble”.

That 1900 spectacular was North America’s first big auto show. This month, Select 1 Group specialists will transport special show vehicles to the show, which runs from April 18-27at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan. An enormous collection of 2014 and 2015 production and concept model cars, trucks, vans and other vehicles will be on display.

Select 1 Group specializes in motor vehicle transport for major manufacturers worldwide. The New York International Auto Show is the latest in our year-round schedule of show transport assignments. Our specialty transport vehicles and meticulously trained drivers serve auto shows, races, sporting events, dealer training programs and many other areas where specialized vehicle transport is required.