For much of November and December, it was a game of “Where’s Darrell?” as driver and “Ice Road Truckers” star Darrell Ward and Mobile X Events put a major new exhibit on the road for Chevron/Delo.

The Delo Face Of Severe Duty Road Trip consists of two demonstration trailers, custom equipped by MXE to tour the country, demonstrating Delo’s line of heavy duty lubricants designed for on- and off-road use. With the popular Ward at the wheel for many of its stops and S1G’s Steve Sicinski sharing the driving, the Delo rigs began the tour in southern California with a number of stops before moving on to Sacramento, Lake Tahoe, Phoenix and on into Texas.

The tour is typical of many that come to MXE: important, involved, and on a very short timeline. “This was a high-profile, rush job,” said MXE President Rick Johnson. “We got the purchase order on a Wednesday and had the first unit wrapped in the Chevron Delo logo and rolling on Sunday.” As always, MXE handles all logistics for the tour.

Ward is hugely popular among long-haul truckers because of his appearances on “Ice Road Truckers” (The History Channel). The Manitoba resident made Severe Duty Road Trip stops all along the route, chatting and swapping stories with many drivers. His truck was equipped with one of the Big Bunk units, of which S1G already owns ten. (More about these popular, ultra-comfortable cabs in a future issue.)

The high quality of the work and quick turnaround made the project happen. “Shout-outs go to Bob Stanton for managing the whole thing and to all the service guys in Tempe, Arizona,” Johnson said. “Definitely also to Darrell Ward, too, who’s done a great job and really engaged with everyone he met.”

The Delo Face Of Severe Duty Road Trip parked for the holidays now but will be back on the road after the first of the year.