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It’s A Wrap: First S1G Truck Wrap Debuts

After months of preparation and expectation, the new look of Select 1 Group’s trucks was unveiled in a spectacular Arizona setting. The first truck to be wrapped in S1G’s new-look design was the subject of a professional photo and video shoot at South Mountain Park in Phoenix. A media crew from SouthWest Post captured the truck’s stunning new look against the backdrop of the jewel of Phoenix’s metropolitan park system.

In addition to the outside, video and still photos were taken demonstrating the features of our spacious new driver team cabs. S1G has been aggressively recruiting teams, including husband-wife partners, to drive the new trucks to points throughout the country. An important recruiting incentive is the new cabs, which provide all the comforts of home in a spacious, restful design.

Exterior and interior photos show the length to which Select 1 Group is going to provide team drivers with amenities rarely found on most vehicles. Drivers are being recruited with the promise that long-term work is available, not simply going from contract to contract. That means not only access to company benefits like health insurance and 401k plans but also having a true “home” with S1G.

Look for more new trucks to come into the fleet soon and watch these pages for pictures and features as the new trucks roll in.