In many ways, the world is getting smaller. Sometimes that's convenient while at other times it's annoying. In one way, though, partnership with companies in many other countries helps Select 1 Group maintain unmatched levels of service for it customers.

The Switzerland-based  International Organization of Standards (English acronym ISO) creates worldwide recommendations for best practices which are adhered to by companies of all kinds. Among its thousands of standards are several relating to standards of quality management and customer satisfaction. S1G - an industry-leading provider of specialty vehicle transport, mobile exhibits and logistics - is applying several ISO guidelines on a company-wide basis.

ISO's recommendations are far-reaching. Among other things, they provide guidelines for:

  • creating a customer-focused environment
  • enhancing customer satisfaction
  • top-management involvement and commitment to customer service
  • recognizing and providing an open process for resolving issues

Another important contribution to keeping customers happy is the ISO standard for measuring customer satisfaction. According to the organization:

The information obtained from monitoring and measuring customer satisfaction can help identify opportunities for improvement of the organization's strategies, products, processes and characteristics that are valued by customers, and which serve the organization's objectives. Such improvements can strengthen customer confidence and result in commercial and other benefits.

Applying ISO's international standards is a major step in S1G's ongoing commitment to growth and the providing truly world-class customer service.