Delo Tour
Dream Team Wanted

Select 1 Group opportunity puts exceptional couple in the driver's seat for major events, cool shows and interacting with great people.

Phoenix, Arizona—February 6, 2014—Somewhere on the highways and Interstates, a driving duo with significant over-the-road experience and a flair for special events is about to become the Dream Team of American trucking.

Select 1 Group, one of the world's premier event and vehicle logistics companies, is looking for the team that will transport and work with a unique mobile exhibit promoting Chevron's Diesel Engine Lubricating Oil (Delo) products at events nationwide.

The spectacular Delo mobile exhibit features 18 touchscreen monitors, eye-catching graphic displays, an interactive testimonial station and a Detroit Diesel 15 cutaway engine among its numerous displays. Dream Team drivers will assist Chevron sales people as needed as large crowds are expected to visit the displays.

The pair will climb into our luxuriously-appointed new tractor-trailer and transport the exhibit to auto shows, industry events, races, state fairs and other major attractions. But this opportunity involves much more than driving.

"We're looking for a pair of excellent drivers who will also be effective brand ambassadors for Delo," said Rick Johnson, Director of Business Development for Select 1 Group. "They'll be comfortable setting up the exhibit, taking it down and talking with customers as needed. They'll go through the same training as the Chevron sales people who work the shows."

Only an elite few will qualify for the Delo position: drivers who are comfortable working together, like husband-wife teams, who can also represent Chevron effectively in person at the events.

For complete details and requirements—and to see if they qualify—drivers can go to: The Dream Team Application.

Applicants are now being considered and the Dream Team will be chosen soon.

About Select 1 Group: Launched in 1997, Select 1 Group has become one of the world's premier vehicle logistics companies. Select 1 Group provides world-class service in three critical specialized areas: High-End Vehicle Transport, Mobile Exhibits and Logistical Solutions. Personal service and technological innovations are the foundations of the company's success.