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Select 1 Group’s drivers are among the most skilled and highly-trained in the logistics world. They have to be, given that they move high-end vehicles and Mobile Exhibits all across the country for manufacturers, marketers and collectors. So when one of our drivers is singled out for the prestigious Select 1 Group Driver of the Year Award it’s a special moment. 

Michael Hubler is the recipient of the 2013 Danny Pennington Driver of the Year Award. Pennington, who was one of the company’s most dedicated and hardest-working owner-operators, set the bar high as a driver and a representative of Select 1 Group’s core values. By winning the Driver of the Year Award, Hubler is being recognized for following in those footsteps.

“Danny set a very high standard and I believe it takes so much to just be considered,” Hubler said. “It’s a great feeling to be acknowledged after just 6 years of driving. I’m shocked to be the recipient, especially since I work with a great bunch of guys and believe many of them are deserving of such an award.”

“Our Driver of the Year Award winners don’t just deliver excellent performance in the year in which they are selected,” said Gary Carlson, Select 1 Group President. “These drivers have long track records of being hard-working, safety-conscious and customer service-oriented over the course of their entire careers,” 

Hubler has a flawless inspection and service record but that wasn’t enough to win the Driver of the Year Award. “In addition to Mike’s extensive experience as a driver his dedication to customer service in remarkable,” Carlson said.

Hubler is a product of Select 1 Group’s demanding driver selection process, in which only top drivers with a real desire to please customers are hired. They are then trained regularly in safety, foul weather driving and other aspects of world-class logistics.